To preserve, protect, and defend the rights of those born out of wedlock.


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 Preliminary 2006 data from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics indicates of the 4,265,996 births, 38.5% or 1,641,700 children were born out-of-wedlock.  That's a 1.6% increase over 2005.  According to the CDC:  Preliminary 2006 data indicates that births to unmarried women aged 20-24 years-old  were 625,701 or 57.9% and to unmarried women 25-29 years-old were 366,056 or 31%.  Are these selfish couples thinking of themselves or the future welfare of their child(ren)?

 Reported in The Wall Street Journal (November 1, 2005, page D5) and other publications the preliminary 2004 data from the CDC's National Center for Heath Statistics indicates:  "Unwed women contributed 35.7% or 1.47 million [babies] of the total 4.1 million U.S. births in 2004. . . .  That is up 4% among all age, race and ethnicity groups from 2003."   This testifies to the urgency of our mission to help future babies NOW!

 Final data indicates that during 2005 in the United States of America, 1,527,034 babies were born to unmarried women, an almost 12 percent increase over 2002.   Fast approaching, 50% of all live births will be illegitimate causing those innocent children, then adults, to be branded bastards for not only the rest of their lives, but for their entire legacy.

 Almost thirty-seven percent of all pregnant couples chose not to marry before the birth of their child. Incredibly so, this illegitimacy label affects all social and economic aspects of the person and his family, including his father's paternity support, estate, inheritance, DNA health issues, as well as, federal, state, and local survivor benefits.

 To prevent future generations from enduring this brand, The SOB Foundation (SOB) proposes to introduce the Legitimate Child Act, aka the One Minute Marriage* in all States in the US until the Act becomes the law of the land.

 For example, in the State of Maryland alone, there were 27,807 children born illegitimately in 2005 (the latest final statistical year available).  In Virginia, 33,674; in the District of Columbia, 4,464, and in California, 195,982 couples could have prevented their children from being born out-of-wedlock if the Legitimate Child Act had been enacted.

 Another objective of the Foundation is to advocate the revision of the dictionary and encyclopedia definition of "bastard," while updating and modernizing the antiquated "Law of Bastards*" at the same time.  The word "bastard" is uttered daily on television and movies, referring to the "mean or disagreeable person" but rarely refers to the person born out-of-wedlock.  The second definition does not make sense and should be deleted just as the "n" word has been deleted from the dictionary.

 This cause is fought for the innocent CHILD, and only the CHILD who has no control over his or her birth, nor the marriage of the parents.

 Your help and gifts are needed now in light of the recent births of children to famous couples who have forsaken their children's birthright of legitimacy for their own infamy and financial gain.  Many average men and women are assuming their example as the proper life style to force on their illegitimate children without the help of famous parents or great wealth.  This is shameful and wrong in the eyes of the child and bastard adults.

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