To preserve, protect, and defend the rights of those born out of wedlock.


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 Each year, one-third of all live births in this Nation were to unwed mothers.  Over the years, millions of illegitimate children growing to adults are labeled "bastards" by definition of the "Law of Bastards*." This archaic law, for the most part, grants rights to the legitimate children of the father by reducing the inheritance rights of the illegitimate children.  The out of wedlock birth of these children is never the fault nor the intention of the bastard child, only the ignorance or selfishness of the parents choosing not to marry before the child's birth.  Nevertheless, the illegitimate child and adult wears this injurious and embarrassing label for its entire legacy.  This injustice affects all family members, all friends, and society as a whole!  Don't let the celebrity illegitimate births convince you otherwise.


 The mission of the The SOB Foundation (SOB) is to preserve, protect, and defend the rights of those people born out of wedlock.  In addition, SOB shall use it's resources to:

  •  Educate and encourage dialogue amongst the public on the plight of the bastard.
  • Encourage pregnant couples to marry prior to the birth of their child.
  • Inform the legislators in each State to introduce and pass the Legitimate Child Act (also called the One Minute Marriage* law).
  • Arrange DNA paternity tests to pregnant couples to establish responsible paternity and for future health issues and history.
  • Assist in pursuing estate and inheritance rights from proven fathers of illegitimate children and adults.


 The Foundation is an organization supported by memberships, gifts, donations, and grants from organizations and people who subscribe to the mission of SOB.  The organization is politically non-partisan, without religious preference, and shall consist of a Board of Trustees, an advisory Board, and Officers of the Institution.  SOB applied for and received a letter of determination from the IRS as a not-for-profit tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization. 


 Phase I - Present the Legitimate Child Act to any and all States for advice and guidance.  Proceed with guidance on introducing and working to pass the One Minute Marriage* into law. 

 Phase II - Establish the* web site to promote the mission and solicit funding.  Setup accounting system, search for trustees, honorary trustees, Officers, and possibly a national spokesperson.  Submit to the Department of Treasury our "Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code" (Form 1023) requesting their "letter of determination." Received exemption. EIN 20-1779395.

 Phase III - Appoint trustees, an advisory board, and officers to guide the operation of the Institution. Nominations welcomed! 

Phase IV - Using the Maryland process as an example, present and introduce the Act in other States, territories, and the District of Columbia; then work to pass the Act in those States.

Phase V - Establish and setup the organization for State chapters of SOB.  Appoint State directors to help introduce the mission in their respective State(s).

Phase VI - Secure permanent funding for promoting the ongoing mission of SOB nationally and Internationally.



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